Are peonies and roses related?


No, peonies are not related to roses, They are an own plant-family. But peonies are also beautiful creatures. Unfortunately, the flowering period is shorter than that of modern, multi-flowering roses.

Here I show you some of my peonies, the Europe ore common peonies (like the Rubia plena variety above) come from Europe and have been known here since antiquity. In the past, mysterious healing powers were ascribed to the beautiful flowers. (But be careful: in fact all parts of the plant are slightly toxic). Nevertheless, they traditionally belong in every cottage garden.

Only in the last two centuries have Chinese peonies been found in our gardens. There are now an unbelievable number of different varieties: white, pink, red, simple and with a yellow center, large outer leaves and a puffy center, or even heavily filled varieties.

Peonies need sun to bloom (because of the beautiful leaves, I also have some common peonies in the shade bed). And they shouldn't be planted too deep.

Then there are the wooden peonies from China, which become trees up to 2m high and whose flowers should be up to 15 cm tall. I can't show a picture here yet. However, I got a small plant last autumn and hope to be able to follow how it slowly grows into a tree.

The group of intersectional hybrids also sounds exciting: : They are mixtures between a perennial and wooden peonies: They are said to have beautiful, large flowers and, with their medium height, fit into any herbaceous border. I can not report from my own experience yet, but today I ordered a beautiful soft pink variety with large flowers and purple basal stain.