My ten absolute favorite roses


My ten absolute favorite roses

Rose love

I love the wonderfully filled, fragrant roses! The thorny beauties are really my favorite flowers! They are so beautiful, colorful works of art from nature! I admit it: there are over 100 different rose plants growing in my garden. In the meantime, however, only robust varieties that do not tend to leaf diseases and still bloom and bloom gratefully. I found the ADR seal very helpful when looking for roses that fit into a natural garden. I planted all the roses "bare-rooted" in spring or autumn. These are significantly cheaper than potted ones. But I often bought two to three plants of the same variety and planted them side by side, which then looks like one particularly grand shrub! I also have a lot of adorable unfilled bee-friendly roses. But I admit my passion belongs to the fabulously romantic, filled roses, in whose faces the many delicate petals form  fantastic patterns!

And here are my ten favorite roses:

1. Peach Melba is an enchanting climbing rose by "Kordes". It is named after the delicious dessert made from an exotic-aromatic peach half, sweet-sour-fruity raspberry muse and soft, creamy vanilla ice cream, which the chef Auguste Escoffier invented for the singer Nellie Elba in 1892. And all the colors from raspberry pink to peach yellow and vanilla can be found in the wonderful flowers of this robust climbing rose..

2. I absolutely wanted to have the rose Crown Princess Margareta from David Austin. In my parents garden she has been blooming tirelessly for almost 20 years and inspires with her incredibly fruity fragrance. It opens to beautiful rosette flowers.

3. Golden Celebration is also by David Austin and is something really special with the strong, but still clear yellow. It smells wonderful and somehow of fresh, sweet strawberries. Actually, it is a shrub rose with overhanging flowers, but I bought it as a cascade rose: the profusely flowering shoots hang from a stem of 1.4 m high to the ground!

4. Caramella is a thorny but profusely flowering shrub rose by Kordes. I've had it for a long time. She even moved with us from our little allotment garden i to our garden at the house eight years ago. The fantastic but minimally scented flowers are at least 12 cm tall!

5. Cherry Girl by Kordes is a beautiful, cherry-red, filled rose that blooms in our garden from June to frost. I also like the delicate fragrance very much. The flowers are only medium-sized (about 5-6 cm), but the floribunda is full of flowers. I have put three plants next to each other, which results in a great splash of color!

6. Darcey Bussell by David Austin is named after a famous English ballet dancer and this rose is also a graceful creature: the large flowers glow in an elegant crimson red. The many petals rotate in different pirouettes in each blossom and the delicate fragrance looks noble.

7. Countess Diana by Kordes was Rose of the Year 2017. The first year I had this rose, I could not understand that, because the Countess needs two years to get started and then in the third year begins to present her dark velvet red flowers in unbelievably  beauty (but there are also some blooms the the first two years of standing)

8. Jacques Cartier is an old rose. This is what the roses in my grandmother's garden looked like and most of all: that's how they smelled! Classic rose fragrance and multiple blooms. In my garden it grows very slowly, But those old roses are known to take five years before they become a stately shrubs.

9. Duchess Christiana by Kordes is a fantastic fragrance rose: when you sniff at her I smell lemon freshness and fruity raspberry and strong elderberry! This fragrance rose is really a special and can keep up with an expensive perfume! The heavy, large flowers are slightly overhanging and, like all my fragrant roses, the flowers don't last quite as long as some other roses. It is cream colored on the outside and the pink on the inside is very delicate.

10. Winchester Cathedral by David Austin is known and available since 1975. The delicate apricot-pink buds open into pure white, quite large and wonderfully  flowers. The delicate fragrance is pleasant, but rather unusual for a rose: David Austin describes the scent "like honey and almond." The shrub rose grows up to 1.5 m, the bushes are very slim and have less leaves, so I planted three plants side by side.