Create a butterfly meadow


Create a butterfly meadow 


For a butterfly meadow, a small piece of land is simply digged up in spring. A flower island in the lawn also looks pretty. Then the turf should be removed. A sunny spot is particularly suitable. Most meadow flowers do not need any fertilizer, and many even like a little leaner soil., 

Sowing and care during the germination period 

Then sprinkle the bed with butterfly and bee flower mixture, rake in very lightly (some flowers are light germs) and then keep moist for two weeks. During this time, water daily if necessary. When the plants have germinated, the flower meadow is very drought tolerant for the rest of the year. 

Enjoy the flower meadow and pick bouquets

 Shortly afterwards the bed begins to bloom, and blooms and blooms well into autumn! Here you can watch butterflies, listen to the hum of the bees and pick beautiful meadow bouquets! Please pick! New flowers keep growing until autumn, and the colors in the bed change because new types of flowers bloom over the course of the year. The bed glows with yellow and orange marigolds until winter. 

Make seed bombs yourself 

If you have a flower meadow in your garden, you can easily make seed bombs yourself. This is a lot of fun for children. The seeds are collected from the seed pods on the meadow. And mixes them in a bowl with soil and some water. 

Seed bomb recipe:

  • 1 cup of seeds 5 cups of earth
  • 3 cups of clay powder / clay powder (optional)
  • some water

Mix everything, form balls and let them dry, wrap up nicely.

Then small balls are formed from the mixture and dried in egg cartons for 2 days. You can use it in your own garden the next year to freshen up the flower meadow or throw it out on a walk at a suitable place and watch over the course of the year how the bomb develops. 

They can also be given away nicely packaged (for example a ball just with poppy seeds in different colors, or different colored marigold seeds in a bomb). 

If you want to give away the balls, you can mix in clay powder, this makes the balls more durable. You can get clay powder or clay powder. on the Internet or in pet supplies stores (it is required to mix terrarium sand). 

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