Coloring Easter eggs with red wine and leaves and flowers


Coloring Easter eggs with red wine and leaves and flowers

Here I will show you how you can quickly and easily conjure up beautiful, natural Easter eggs with leaf and flower patterns using red wine.

For me, egg dyeing is an essential part of Easter, just like the daffodils.

If you want to go fast, dyeing with red wine is a good idea.

You need:

250 ml red wine,

Depending on the desired color, possibly up to 250ml of water

3 tablespoons vinegar,

also an old tights

leaves and flowers

I colored boiled eggs, but also blown out Easter eggs for the Easter bouquet. The eggs are boiled and blown out.

Bring the red wine and the water with the vinegar to a boil in a saucepan.

Cut the tights into strips about 5 cm long, tie one side shut, put the egg in and place leaves and flowers on the surface of the egg and then tie the tights on the other side as well so that the stocking has the leaves and flowers fixed on the egg,

Now you put the eggs carefully into the hot red wine mixture and let the eggs stand for up to an hour, depending on the desired color intensity.

Then carefully remove the stocking.

The eggs will shine particularly well if you rub vegetable oil over them again with a cloth.

When the blown Easter eggs are to be hung on a bouquet, break a toothpick into three, tie a piece of black string to them, and carefully insert the toothpick into the egg, and then the red egg can be tied to the Easter bouquet.

We really like this year's Easter bouquet with the red wine eggs!

I wish you a nice Easter time!

Have fun trying!

Yours Marion

Did it work out well for you? What do you color your eggs with? Do you like eggs with natural colors or do you prefer bright bright colors? I look forward to your feedback!


Annette 04/16/2022

A great idea!! Since I had everything I needed at home, I tried it right away. Yesterday's open red wine turned the boiled eggs dark purple very quickly today. Even the simple daisies from our small "city garden" look very pretty on the eggs.

Thanks for the great tip and Happy Easter!


Dear Annette, I'm glad you tried the red wine eggs. If you use the red wine pure for dyeing, the eggs are beautifully aubergine-colored, i.e. deep purple, a wine-water mixture creates a delicate shabby purple, a color that goes more into gray, Happy Easter for you too!