Birdseed self-made - the most beautiful ideas


Make beautiful birdseed yourself

Decorative and animal-friendly bird seed is easy to make yourself! Here I show you how to do it and various enchanting decoration ideas so that the birds are fed up and which make the garden interesting even in winter.

The recipe for hard food: Meissen dumplings with a difference:


1 cup shelled sunflower seeds,

1 cup oatmeal,

1 cup chopped nuts, flaxseeds, and peanuts

500g coconut fat (2 cubes of 250g each)

2 tablespoons canola oil or sunflower oil or olive oil (secret ingredient to keep feed minimally pliable)


Heat the coconut fat until it melts, add the kernels, nuts and oatmeal and the oil and mix everything together, allow to cool slightly and pour into the moulds. If necessary, after an hour, insert toothpicks for the hanging threads or sticks into the molds.

It is best to let it cool down outside, then decorate as desired.

Giving away birdseed: the 7 most beautiful ideas

Grandma's flower cups

My favorite (because it's so romantic) is the bird seed in Grandma's gold-rimmed floral cups. One hour after filling the cups, stick sticks in, hang up with natural raffia and decorate with cones. Any other cup is of course also possible!!!

2. Birdseed Cookie Cutters: Makes

Bird feed in cookie cutters is a wonderful gift idea. For this purpose, the Christmas cookie molds are sealed with aluminum foil on the underside (very perfectionists also seal with wax (shell of Babybell mini cheese or drip the edge tightly with a candle) so that the coconut fat does not run out. Then after about 30 minutes a toothpick or pierce another small stick so that you can thread the string through afterwards.When the mold has completely cooled, remove the lining from the mold and decorate with cones and rosehips and pull the raffia string through to hang it up.Because sealing is a little difficult, I recommend this instead the variant with the silicone moulds.

3. Bird seed in silicone molds

4. The Birdseed Pie

For the bird seed cake, fill the bird seed mixture into a large Gugelhupf tin. After it has cooled, the mold is thrown out onto a plate and you can now decorate as you wish. Apples, ornamental apples, hawthorn fruits, rose hips, sloes, raisins are suitable here...

For a normal, large dish, you will need twice the amount given in the recipe above.

The bird muffins are colorful. I don't like it that much, the children all the more. This is how we use leftovers if there is some bird seed mixture left over. Pour into muffin cases and after cooling, pierce a kebab skewer to which we also attach the hanging cord. So that the mixture does not fall out, a date is skewered under each (an apple slice also works).

You can also let the birdseed solidify as a block in plastic bowls (regular "Tupper" bowls) or other shapes. Here we filled the food into a small, heart-shaped cake pan and then decorated it with moss and cones.

For this type of bird seed you cut apples in half and use the cookie cutters to cut out stars, fir trees or something else and fill the hole with the bird seed. A hole is drilled with a skewer to pull a hanging cord through. However, this variant only looks good for a few days.

Recipe for soft food

Not all birds like our Meissen dumpling variants. There are also many robins in our garden and they only like soft food. When the ground is so frozen that the little animals can't find any more worms and when all the apple and ornamental apple trees have been eaten, we set up soft food bowls (this is only a very short time for us).


250 g coconut fat, 1

cup of oatmeal,

1/2 cup soaked raisins,

1/2 cup chopped apples


Melt the coconut oil and stir in the remaining ingredients. Always serve in small portions (otherwise it will freeze or snow over) and place in bowls on the floor. We freeze the rest in small bowls. And if necessary, defrost them at room temperature in the evening and then place the shells under the hedge the next day.

Optimum time for winter feeding

It is best to start winter feeding in November so that the birds already know the feeding place when the natural food supply becomes scarce. February, but no later than the end of March, feeding with the winter food should be stopped. Some of the young birds cannot yet tolerate the winter food and nature provides enough food for the birds again. And rising temperatures also increase the risk that pathogens (such as salmonella) can multiply in the birdseed.

Why it pays to make bird seed yourself

The advantage of the self-made feed is that we make it in such a way that no bird's foot can get caught in the plastic mesh (as unfortunately can happen with some fat balls in the plastic net). In addition, we only use seeds that the birds really like (no cheap grains of wheat that then lie on the ground because the birds don't like them). And in our birdseed there are no seeds from plants that cause allergies. (Here, the ragweed seeds in purchased birdseed are a real problem. The seeds of the annual ragweed from North America have been frost-resistant since a mutation in 2000. And the neophyte is spreading in Europe. The pollen of Ambrosia artemisifolia is one of the strongest known allergens .)

So, dear ones, I hope your bird seed gifts are well received! I'm sure you have just as much fun as we do with the preparation of the bird feed and also with the bird watching! Do you have any other pretty ideas for decorative bird seed?

'm really looking forward to your comments, feedback, suggestions and ideas!

Best regards

Yours Marion