A garden paradise for children


Design the garden as a living space.

Why not (if temperatures allow) spend a large part of family life outdoors from April to September? Fantastic if you plan appropriate garden rooms. 

Here I'll show you my children's favorite places in our garden: 

Dining room

Almost everyone has a dining room in the fresh air. Here you can crumble and spill and it doesn't bother anyone! And it's unbelievable who eats the crumbs up (cats, hedgehogs, seagulls, snails, ants ...)

Outdoor kitchen

But an outdoor kitchen can also be improvised in no time with a side table and an electric hotplate. So you can enjoy the warm summer wind and prepare your food in the sun while listening to the birds singing. Fruit and vegetables can also be processed (or eaten) together with the little helpers in the outdoor kitchen. We have a small wooden planting table next to the dining table that can be used as an outdoor kitchen if necessary.


A reading lounge with outdoor sofas? Synthetic leather sofas from catering supplies are incredibly robust and (protected by a film) can withstand many winters outdoors. Even a little rain doesn't bother them. Here you can really hang out, read, dream ...

Coffee table

A coffee table under the apple tree? Favorite spot of my daughters around homemade. Muffins and secrets to share with your best friend. Nicely shaded and with the best view. (Furniture made of aluminum can be left outside all year round).


Siesta and family cuddling in the hammock? And watching the wandering clouds in the summer sky together ...


A retreat in a hidden corner behind a small hedge or a fragrant cascade rose with a rocking chair or a hanging chair invites you to dream.

Breakfast corner

Where does the morning sun shine? This is the ideal place for a small breakfast corner where, like in the land of milk and honey, the little cherry tomatoes or raspberries can grow right into your mouth.

Garden bed

For the very brave: a garden bed. Here you can watch falling stars and sleep under the open sky (and a mosquito net).


A fireplace for grilling and cozy get-togethers is ideal for fresher summer evenings and is also an attraction at children's birthday parties in winter (stick bread, sausages and marshmallows are among my children's favorites).

What garden corner do your children like best? What are your favourite garden memories from childhood? 

I am looking forward to her from you!