For me, happiness in the garden is the twittering of birds, and the wonderful scent of roses and walking barefoot through the still dewy grass, sunbeams that tickle the skin, sweet strawberries straight from the bed into your mouth, a swing and lots of hidden cozy spots.

As can hardly be overlooked: I like strong colors in my colorful boho garden!

For me, the garden is a counterbalance to work, a place to let go. Here I forbid myself any urge for perfection. And yet nature gives us the most beautiful and perfect flowers even in the wild beds.


My husband probably still can't tell the difference between grass and chives. He likes the garden because of the barbecue.

Christian cooks fantastically and adds some men's topics to the blog (barbecue party, the best recipes)

Christian loves landscape photography,

You can find a gallery here.

The chaos crew

The children are three, and therefore in the majority!

They bring life and friends to the garden.

The following applies to organ pipes: One is called what the other looks like. This is Pomeranian and means that they come up with the nonsense they are doing together.

And the younger generation has also brought in some ideas and written animal stories that are worth reading:

The cats

Mia and Blacky are of course also part of the family and also help with gardening.

I dig the plants in, the cats dig them up again ...

Here is the story of how our cat Mia came to us (Link).

Seagull Manfred

Möwe Manfred also kind of belongs to us. Almost every day he sits like a heraldic animal on the house and waits for a good moment to poke cat food. You can tell from Manfred that we are gardening near the the Baltic Sea. Our small city garden is five kilometers from the beach at four meters above sea level.