The garden year sabbatical

How a break and reorientation can also succeed in addition to work and raising children: Make the leap from stressed to grounded in 30 minutes a day.

Do your thoughts often circle restlessly? Are you doing way too much at the same time? Are you somehow dissatisfied and have the feeling that something is missing? Do you sometimes feel lost?

Sometimes in our technical age we have lost sight of our nature. Getting back to basics and connecting with nature can allow us to refocus, enjoy, experience happiness and pride, and give us the comforting feeling of being part of the bigger picture.A small piece of earth or a balcony is enough to experience the wonder of a garden year. As the days get longer, we marvel at the beginning of new life in our seed trays on the windowsill, admire the growth of what has been sown, harvest the fruits of our labor and enjoy the living food. But saying goodbye in autumn and the quiet in winter are also part of the gardening year 

Come with me, this year we will consciously admire the power of nature and enjoy the garden and life with all our senses. We will experience a very special garden year.



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