The seasons in the garden

"Sunshine is delicious, rain refreshing, wind challenges, snow makes you happy; basically there is no bad weather, just different types of good weather."

John Ruskin 


It rains and it smells of wet earth. Nature slowly awakens and a new garden year begins. The sun warms up again and the day get longer again. The first brave flowers venture out. And then new colorful flowers appear every day, the trees show their tender, green new leaves and it is really spring at last. Take a walk with me through the spring garden.

Spring awakening


The sun is already up and shining when my alarm clock wakes me early in the morning. The birds are singing happily. And when I open the patio door (in my pajamas), it is pleasantly warm out there. I walk barefoot across the lawn and enjoy the cold, glittering droplets of dew on the grass that tickle the soles of my bare feet. I feed the cats and on the way back a juicy, sweet cherry finds its way from the branch straight into my mouth. I take a seat in the hammock and look at the sky for a minute and enjoy the silence before I wake up my children and another turbulent day begins.

Summer gallery


Despite all the beauty, autumn is a melancholic season. It already has so much farewell in it. The garden is actually in its full glory in Indian summer. The plants no longer suffer from the blazing summer sun or extreme drought. It is becoming greener and more colorful again, there is still a long harvest time and the light is milder and more golden than in summer. It could stay that way. But then comes the wind and the first frost that freezes the brightly colored dahlias brown overnight. Then it is not long until the leaves turn color and finally fall and nature comes to rest.

Autumn colors


Freezing cold and snow glistening in the sun have their charm.