Our Garden

Come and take a walk with me:

Our Garden


Our Garden

Our garden consists of several areas, like rooms in a house. And we have different "garden rooms". Our garden is used in summer by me and my husband and our three children and our friends and our three cats. And because we love being outside in the summer, it's really good that we do have so many cozy corners. Here I would like to introduce our garden  to you. Come and take a walk with me!

The Mediterranean corner

This is my favorite corner because the sun almost always shines here. I usually sit here with my coffee, nicely hidden away, and enjoy the view. I wanted to create a Mediterranean oasis here, with the scent of lavender and catnip, intoxicating aromas of roses and a babbling fountain. Holiday feeling for every day at home. And some Mediterranean exotics should move in: a three-leaved hardy bitter orange, a persimmon tree (Nikitas gift hardy up to -24 °), a fig tree, and two Wagnerian hemp palms.

So that the view from the semicircular rose pavilion is good and for a better overall effect, height had to be created here: all of the compost from three years was heaped up there and we also got some more topsoil. The roses love the soil.

The fountain babbles soothingly on hot summer days. However, we had to lay a power cable under the lawn. The solar pumps did not manage the 80 cm height difference from the lower basin to the ball at the top. A corner to enjoy!

The lime yellow and purple-blue side border

Refreshing lime yellow interspersed with indigo blue and lilac flowers and blue-gray foliage create tension in this curved border.

In spring, small net iris, wild yellow tulips and yellow daffodils and blue hyacinths bloom here. In early summer, the yellow lady's mantle shines with the purple tones of catnip and sage. Then the beautiful lime-yellow Mediterranean wolf milk also blooms.

The coffee table under the apple tree

In the shade under the apple tree you can enjoy coming together and homemade fruit cakes. The ornate furniture made of aluminum is totally perfect and unbreakable (and inexpensive) and can stay outside all year. In the shade of the apple tree, numerous bluebells  grow with the ferns and the hostas and autumn anemones. The candlestick is only decoration, the wind blows out the candles very quickly ...

The after-work hanging chair

A swing for young and old has long been hanging on the stump of the old cherry tree, on which the evening sun shines. When we bought the robot lawn mower, it was clear that it would not reach this area. Since then I have been experimenting with what grows well in this dry, shady place and still exudes a sense of the jungle. The pearl basket (next to the tree trunk), elven flowers, and between the stepping stones the Japanese snake beard grows like black grass.

The garden dining room

Our garden-dining room is used a lot and is surrounded by a flower bed with a pergola. I was not so satisfied with that so far, so I transplanted the perennials this autumn and am excited about the effect next year.

The monastery garden

Our herb, kitchen and snack garden in front of the house is divided into square beds surrounded by wood. A paved path leads through it, which is divided by two rose rondelles. This means that the beds are easily accessible from all sides and the wooden edge completely protects the beds from the wind and the plants thrive very well, unlike a raised bed, these sunken beds do not have to be watered as much. The facility was actually inspired by an old monastery garden

The Hosta stairs

A staircase leads from the terrace into the garden, on whose mostly shady steps my hosta grow in pots. Countless alliums grow in the bed next to the stairs, which are later replaced by roses in orange, apricot and salmon tones. The geranium Rosanne also blooms here from June until frost.

The terrace

Our terrace is directly adjacent to the living room and is our lounge area in summer. You can relax on the comfortable couches or read  or even sleep. There is enough space for the whole family and their visitors.

The entrance

this year we planted here evergreen, drought-tolerant shrubs and trees, these pictures are from 2019.

The well was build there by the previous owners of the house, unfortunately it never produced water, we irrigate with rainwater from huge barrels dug in by hand.

The rocking chair stand at the end of the "Sleeping Beauty-Garden", a narrow section next to the neighboring property, which is planted with pink roses.

The breakfast bench in the fragrant rose corner at the end of the monastery garden had too little space, so the junipers behind the bench will cleared here in spring, and the seating area will be made more spacious and brighter.

The triangular meditation terrace was also built in spring 2020. Next year everything hopefully will  bloom as profusely as I imagine, the walls will be covered with many clematis, they will still need something before they unfold their full splendor.

Our garden consists of several areas, like in a house that has rooms, only there are different "garden rooms". Our garden is used in the summer by me and my husband and our three children and our friends and our three cats. And because we like to be outside so much in summer, it's really good that we have so...

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