Garden for Children


Lying in the grass and transforming the shapes of the clouds into kites, smoking chimneys and flying elephants. Watch the colorful butterflies that fly so easily from flower to flower in summer. Brew magic potion in a pool of water. Sniff the scent of the roses, each one smells different. Picking daisies with your feet, walking barefoot in the snow. Jump into the pool with clothes on.

Pick the strawberries from the bed and put them unwashed in your mouth. Sow radishes yourself and harvest them six weeks later. Watch the self-planted cocktail tomato grow,

For children, a garden is a space to just be, to let off steam, relax, watch, jump, climb, play and organize nonsense.

Here you can be carefree and just a child.

For a butterfly meadow, a small piece of land is simply digged up in spring. A flower island in the lawn also looks pretty. Then the turf should be removed. A sunny spot is particularly suitable. Most meadow flowers do not need any fertilizer, and many even like a little leaner soil.,