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Our garden consists of several areas, like in a house that has rooms, only there are different "garden rooms". Our garden is used in the summer by me and my husband and our three children and our friends and our three cats. And because we like to be outside so much in summer, it's really good that we have so...



The story where I forgot my skirt at home

For a butterfly meadow, a small piece of land is simply digged up in spring. A flower island in the lawn also looks pretty. Then the turf should be removed. A sunny spot is particularly suitable. Most meadow flowers do not need any fertilizer, and many even like a little leaner soil.,

Dekoratives und tierfreundliches Vogelfutter ist ganz schnell selbst gemacht! Hier zeige ich Euch wie es geht und verschiedene Deko-Ideen.

Reed fronds, seed heads and dried perennials have their own charm. I have now started to clean my beds on a sunny Saturday and cut back the shrubs and grasses. But the clippings were far too beautiful to end up on the compost. I used them to decorate our living room.