My garden manifesto

Nature is a renewable fuel, it can recharge our batteries when they have been drained from everyday life. I would like to convey the enthusiasm for a natural garden, in which this power awakens and unfolds anew every spring. Even a small garden can become a favorite place and a natural power station for everyone.

For some people today, feeling connected to nature just means having the Applewatch announce the moon phase.

Bathing in the clear morning air, walking barefoot through the meadow, listening to the birds singing fascinated, looking at the clouds in the sky: this is a real touch of happiness, free of charge and without advertising.

Marveling at a delicate blossom and enjoying its unique fragrance can be an emotional experience that makes the heart leap and will be anchored in the memory. Nothing beats a carrot from your own garden. Sow something, watch it grow and then harvest! Whoever crawls through the bed is at eye level with the flower and the cocktail tomato.

Nature is our home. Let us allow nature to touch us again.

The sofa can also stand in the garden. Even more creative seating ideas: Take a tour of our garden (Link). And weed killing can also be done in a culinary way. See recipe for Gierschmaultaschen: Enjoyment (Link). A natural garden in the city can be an important natural habitat for bees and butterflies, lizards and hedgehogs, birds and bats. Support the animals in the garden: make birdseed yourself - the most beautiful ideas (link).

Children also need nature.

More than ever! Here I have a lot of ideas and projects to make the garden your children's favorite place. (Swinging makes you happy (Link)

Family is when chaos is fun. That's right. For more information, see Nine stories that show why you can't have a beautiful garden AND children simultanously

So: back to the roots!

Everyone is the blacksmith of his garden!

Create your own paradise!

Our garden consists of several areas, like in a house that has rooms, only there are different "garden rooms". Our garden is used in the summer by me and my husband and our three children and our friends and our three cats. And because we like to be outside so much in summer, it's really good that we have so...



The story where I forgot my skirt at home

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